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lIllinois Sports Facility Authority   A J Professional Services &
Michael Smith, Joseph Lewis, Mark R. Ford, Harding Young, Richard Harleaux & Tony Dixon.

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Project S.A.Y. Board Members (L to R) Pamela
Chatmon-Washington, Marcia Brown-Williams, (far right)               
Gregg H. Brown with 2 of the winners for the tournament, 
Andre Martin (l) and Garrett Bell (r).        

The Board Members of Shaping America's Youth wish to express our great appreciation to all who showed their support by participating as a golfer, as a sponsor or gave a donation for our First Annual Golf Tournament at Wolf Creek Golf Course in Atlanta, Georgia. This tournament event was a fundraiser for the Dr. Mark B. Brown, M.D. Scholarship Fund at Morehouse.        


A Special "Thanks" to 3 time Super Bowl Champ great,                                                                                       
 Hines Wards. From left to right, Marcia Brown-Williams,      (From left to right, top) Larry Brown  
 Hines Ward, Pamela Chatmon-Washington, Chauncey             of the Tennessee Titans and on the far 
 Ashford & kneeling Transamerica agent and sponsor,               Left Super Bowl winner, Robert  Edward
 James Jackson.                                                                            at the bottom, Lonzo Turner. 




Marcia presenting golf trophy to               Congratulations to Dr. Dennis                    Project S.A.Y. Board Member, Gregg
Hal Folds for his superb golfing                 Youngblood on winning the                      H. Brown relishing he & his team's
skills!                                                         Transamerica Life Golf  Bag!                    1st place win at our Golf Tournament!
                                                                    From left to right Lonzo Turner,                                            
                                                                   Transamerica Life, Pam Chatmon-
                                                                   Washington, Dennis Youngblood, 
                                                                   James Jackson, Gregg H. Brown.


Project S.A.Y. Board members, Pam, Marcia Gregg           With Dr. Harding Young, Sponsor/ 
w//Hal  Folds.                                                                        Supporter of Project SAY.                                                                     


Michael  Smith, Sponsor & Golf                    Vaughn Brown, winner of the                       Mark Ford, Sponsor & Supporter                                                                                   .
Consultant.                                                       Longest Drive!!!                                            of  Project S.A.Y.


The 1st Place Winners of our Golf  Tournament!                           Project S.A. Y.'s 2016 1st Place
Phillip Gwim, Gregg H. Brown, Dennis Youngblood                     Golf Tournament Winners!!!
& Vaughn Brown!!!


                         Continuing Mark's Legacy

Mark was a proud alum of  Morehouse College and believed in Morehouse's values and philosophy of giving to and helping those in need.        

Mark was fortunate to have been awarded with a full scholarship to Morehouse. Throughout his academic "career", Mark took his education very seriously and maintained a 3.8 GPA in high school, college and in med school. He graduated from Morehouse with a degree in biology/pre med with honors. Because of his academic excellence, he was awarded two full scholarships to medical school. One was to the University of Pennsylvania and the other to the University of Illinois in Chicago. Mark decided to return back to his hometown of Chicago and attend U of I in Chicago. 

Mark valued education and knew the importance of obtaining a higher education. While as a student at Morehouse he witnessed how some close friends and fellow classmates would at times struggled to find the monies to help pay for their education, for several semesters during their time at school.

 After working for several years after graduating from medical school, he knew that he wanted to do something that would help young men at Morehouse stay in school and help to alleviate some of their worries of being able to find the money so that they could stay enrolled in school. For 25 years, Mark donated $5000, and sometimes more, each year to Morehouse's scholarship program.

Mark, was a very humble person who didn't talk much about his himself and never made it a point to discuss his personal and professional accomplishments. He also never spoke about his generosity to others which included some of his friends and acquaintances and some he knew professionally. Many people had no idea just how many people he helped during his life without looking for any recognition or praise. His heart was always in the right place.
In 2013, the Board Members of Project S.A.Y. decided, a year after his death, that we would continue Mark's legacy of giving by establishing a scholarship in his name. We are doing so by raising funds through fundraisers and through generous donations so that we can continue to help young men complete their education at Morehouse.  

We are sure this is something Mark would have wanted and we are making sure his vision and legacy will continue.

Mark truly believed that finance should not be a barrier to any young person in receiving a quality education

Please support Project S.A.Y. with a donation to ensure that the legacy of Dr. Mark B. Brown continues and that we can help many more young people fulfilled their goals in succeeding in school and in life. Our goal is to help young people to continue their education, at whatever college or university they choose, and in pursing the career of their choice.

We appreciate your support, your generosity and your kindness!

Harding Young w/ Mark. Great Friends, Frat
brothers & business partners who had their
own medical practice.                                                                   Morehouse Brother, Spike Lee with several good Morehouse men!

 Good friend, college roommates & frat brothers; Tony Dixon
with Mark.


A Few of Our Young Men Of Project  S.A.Y

Visit our Slide Show for more pictures of our amazing young people and mentors.  

        Mark's 2 close friends, "home boys", O.S. Owens (r)
        and our "brother", Kevin Beasley. 

A Few of Our Young Ladies Of Project S.A.Y

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