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 The Dr. Mark B. Brown, M.D. Memorial Scholarship Fund
October 9th Fundraiser
at Morehouse College
With the screening of the documentary,
A Black Comedy


Project S.A.Y.
With Chicago's
Mayor Rham Emmanuel.
Young Men and Young Ladies of Project S.A.Y.!
Meet 3 of Our Country's Finest!
(From left to right)
                  Christian Milton (age 20), David Macedo (23) & James Mata (27)
We don't hear much in the press about young men of color who are doing the right things and making themselves, their families and their country proud! Let's salute them all and all of the young men and women out there who are doing the right things in life and making a positive difference!
(Check out all of the ribbons and medals on their uniforms!!!)
Mentoring Programs and Activities
Our mentoring programs will include positive activities for minority children; African-Americans and Hispanics children who are currently enrolled in middle school and high schools who live in low income neighborhoods and where resources are limited in their neighborhoods and their schools. Our purpose is to help our youth with the use of a variety of programs and activities that will be offered.
Our staff and the mentors are committed in helping children who will benefit from the close and nurturing relationship they will experience through tutoring, using conflict resolutions methods, dealing with substance abuse and how to deal with anger and stressful circumstances. We will also provide tutoring services to help students to improve their academic goals that we know that they can accomplish.
Our program and our mentors will also help young women with identifying an abusive relationship and what they should do next. Teen pregnancy, working on self esteem and dealing with peer pressure will also be offered as part of our self help programs.
We will help any youth that needs and ask for help in dealing with gang recruitment and gang activities. We will offer classes on sex education and most importantly, help our youth set short and long term goals for their future.
Programs are available several days a week; after school for students/young adults in both cities of Chicago and Atlanta.

Donations will go towards providing trips, educational & health resources and other expenditures for the youths in the program and staff.
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